• Learn how to mobilize your community.

  • About the Book

    The Backyard Activist is a book with tips to mobilize your community, your town, and your world.
    Author Mark Breier has beaten the all-powerful: arrogant city councils, tone-deaf school boards, and powerful corporations; but he has also beaten back nameless enemies like poachers, illegal fisherman, and car thieves.
    After 3 decades of success, these are the tips, tricks, and information he's learned to help make your cause a success.

  • Sample Tips

    #6 Identify a Unifying Symbol for Your Campaign

    When the last of 4 elementary schools in the area closed, Los Altos Hills citizens put up cows everywhere and proclaimed they were being ‘milked’ by the school districts.

    #14 Introduce the 4 Cs: Community, Comedy, Competition, Cause

    Leatherback turtles, as big as your kitchen table, have been around for 100 million years. But they may have only 10 years left.

    On nesting beaches in Costa Rica, populations have crashed from 1500 nesting mothers to just 50. Poachers, illegal fishing, and long lines are the culprits.

    For 3 years, the Great Turtle Race offered fun competition to see which turtle would travel from Costa Rica to the Galapagos, and was picked up my several major news networks.

    #20 Use a political cartoon to tell your story

    Your cause needs to break through the modern day chatter of TV/Radio/Internet/Text Message and quickly communicate: "What is your Cause? Why Should I Care? What do you want me to do?" A good picture for your cause can do this.

    #18 Tell your personal story in a blog (the media is always looking for stories)

    Mark blogged his frustration about high school sports taking over other aspects of life. A WSJ reporter was aware of the trend and came upon Mark’s blog while looking for content. She reached out for a WSJ print story, followed quickly by Today Show coverage.

  • How do you take on arrogant city councils, tone-deaf school boards, and powerful corporations?

    How about poachers, illegal fisherman, and car thieves?

    The Backyard Activist will show you.

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